Do you know what a PRM Coach is?


Nice to meet you, my name is Juliana Niza and I am CEO at PRM School.

The PRM School has the objective of teaching people to achieve their goals more easily, promoting a new perspective of success, a new lifestyle, directing the student to the awakening of a new consciousness.

Together with my partner Master Jairo Carlos, we founded the PRM Coach, that is a method of quantum therapy which allows the therapist to use the Radionic Frequency Board – an exclusive apparatus developed and patented to the PRM School, by Master Jairo Carlos.

The PRM Coach, through the Radionic Frequency Board, does the measurement of the frequencies emitted by the mental models stored in a subconscious level, which are responsible to project everything that we experience in our lives. In case these models are negative, it’s possible to change them, creating a favorable model to reach our goals.

So the car that you have, the amount of money in your bank account, your relationships and your health are reflexes of the models that are stored in your mind today! If you want to change this reality is necessary to change those models.

Every PRM Coach that gets this license is helping people to achieve their goals and to transform their individual minds. When we transform individual minds we can change the collective mind, that is where all the models of humanity are today.

And you who will have this license to utilize this method and learn how to work with this apparatus, it’s important for you to know that you are contributing to a more positive collective mind and it certainly to a better world as well!

Make part of the PRM Generation, a generation of people who are helping to make the world better!

The Interdimensional Psychotronical Apparatus, an evolution of the Radionic Frequency Board

About 20 years ago, through a meditation, Master Jairo Carlos channeled the Radionic Frequency Board, that is an apparatus for measuring the energetic frequency of the models stored in a subconscious level. It is also capable of transforming a negative frequency into positive, turning the subconscious favorable to your goals.

The Formation in PRM Coach will certify you internationally through ABRATH, the biggest

regulatory network of the therapist activity in Brazil.

Exclusive formation of the PRM School.

20 video lessons

4 live meetings online

Didactic material

3 audios of mental reprogrammation

Support material and Attendance Protocols

Conclusion certificate and register in ABRATH (Brazilian Association of Holistic Therapists)

Discussion forum

Study group

Periodic refresher trainings

SPECIAL bonus for this group:

One API containing:

- 1 Radionic Frequency Board

- 2 Copper sticks

- 1 Pendulum

- 1 Chakra stones kit

- 1 kit of Self Suggestion cards, Chakras cards and Human Body cards


What you are going to learn?

Quantum Physics Principles

In this module you are going to learn all the principles that involve the emission of frequencies of a person through the subconscious mind.

Physical Human Body

How our physical versus energetic body works. It’s primordial to comprehend that, many times, our physical body is reflecting what is happening with our energetic body. 

The 7 Main Chakras

We are going to study the main meridians of the body, the meaning of each of them and their colors, a fundamental condition to measure their frequency on the radionic frequency board. 

The Perception, the Influence and the Correction of the Energetic Field

One of the main sciences, little explained, is the one of the energetic fields of people, places and objects, and especially how to perceive them to help to change your life and the lives of everybody around you. 


As it is a radionic board, we are going to study a little about the principles of the radiation of people, places and objects, that can be measured by the board in person and remotely. 

How to Use the Pendulum

We are going to learn step by step how to use the pendulum in a correct way, to measure the frequencies emitted on the radionic frequency board. 

How to Use the Board

Knowing that the board is an apparatus which measures the frequencies of the subconscious, we are going to learn how to use this wonderful apparatus which has been helping a lot of people to change their lives. 

The Quantum Attendance

We are going to learn step by step of how you must attend your querent. Suggestion of prices for the consult, how to make a mental reprogrammation on the stretcher and everything you need to know to do an excellent attendance. 



Founding partner of the PRM School, cofounder of the PRM Coach Method and the PRM Goals, entrepreneur, writer of 4 works, radio host, business consultant and panelist.

He traveled to many countries as France, Greece, Chile, Egypt and England to study and understand the Laws that rule the Universe, the mechanism and the energetic operation of each human being, and the great secret of success that is generally discovered by very few people.

This wisdom transformed him into a Master that works for over 30 years helping people and companies to achieve their goals in all the areas of their lives. 


CEO of the PRM School, cofounder of the PRM Coach Method and the PRM Coach Goals, writer of 2 works, entrepreneur, panelist, mental coach and PRM Coach, creator of the Wonder Woman Program.

Juliana Niza began her studies about Quantum Physics in 2010 and since 2015 started to be trained by the Master Jairo Carlos, deepening her knowledge. Nowadays, transmit all her experience and knowledge through her successful example, helping people to change the realities of their lives in all their aspects. 

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